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Unlock Lost Clash Royale Accounts from Android & iPhone

unlock clash royale account

Players become frustrated when they realize their games have been lost due to a Clash Royale account loss. They must therefore start over when making a new Clash Royale account. 

If you read this article, in which we describe how to recover a Clash Royale account on Android and iPhone, you can find a solution. 

What is Clash Royale?

The Supercell company created the card game Clash Royale. This one is centered on the Clash of Clans idea, where the playing cards include figures from mythology and medieval times, giving the game a distinctive framework.

Use the most important private servers, such as Master Royale, to begin playing Clash Royale like a pro and unlock the premium features.

A player's Clash Royale account can be made without cost. Players can summon cards in this video game that take the form of characters or creatures with particular qualities to destroy the towers of their adversaries.

Because Clash Royale is played in real time, there is a timer. Players must summon the creatures against the clock when opponents arrive on the screen. You require an elixir to pay for the cost of the cards you utilize throughout each three-minute game.

clash royale account unlock

What is Master Royale?

Master Royale Infinity APK for Android is a card game comparable to Clash Royale. Users can access a private server with unique resources and capabilities using this program, which was created to make it possible. You get unrestricted access to all resources and in-game money when playing this game version for free. Users are not obliged to pay anything to get goods in the game.

Only a select few people enjoy spending money on apps and games. This game may be downloaded and installed, allowing you to play Clash Royale with constrained resources. Master Royale Infinity further provides an offline mode.

Millions of Clash Royale players currently use Master Royale Infinity, despite neither being a Supercell nor an authorized Clash Royale server. It can also be referred to as Master Royale Infinity Android MOD on its servers because it performs all operations identically to the Clash Royale game.

Participants can select a random deck of cards to try out different heroes or use virtual currency to buy any hero they like. Download the most recent Master Royale Infinity APK if you want to use all the new features.

How to Recover a Clash Royale Account?

On an Android or iPhone mobile device, sometimes accidentally pressing the wrong button can result in us losing all of our Clash Royale progress. Additionally, this might happen if an account is accidentally deleted.

If this describes you, have no fear—using the steps listed below, you can get back into your Clash Royale account.

Understand the Specific Reasons for the Problem

Losing a Clash Royale account on an Android or iPhone device is typically caused by switching to a different smartphone with the same phone number or changing it.

This upgrade may cause problems accessing some apps' original data on another terminal. Furthermore, it's possible that you or another individual mistakenly deleted the account and lost all of the data it contained.

Recover Your Clash Royale Account on Both Android and iPhone

From the Clash Royale application, choose "Settings." A menu will appear if you click "Contact us" under "Help and assistance." If you can't find this option, choose "Lost account" and answer "No" to the question "Was it helpful?"

To the Clash Royale development team, send the application. Enter your ID, username, level, and clan in the contact form. A response from Supercell, which should come in less than five days, will tell you how to restore your account.

To Secure Your Progress, Link Your Accounts

As soon as your account is backed up, ask for backup data to stop further losses.

You can request that the Supercell team link your Google email or Game Center account to this if you use an Android or iPhone smartphone. By doing this, you can stop future Clash Royale account problems.

Supercell Ignored My Request to Recover My Clash Royale Account

If the Supercell technical support staff still needs to respond to your last question, you can submit a new contact form via the Clash Royale application.

Similarly, you can contact with your Clash Royale account issue along with your ID, username, clan, and level information, or you can email the Supercell help website directly. If you join in with another ID, you can modify your Clash Royale account.

Last Words

Players become frustrated when they lose their game progress and other elements during gameplay. This post is helpful for people who wish to recover their clash royale account since they have to start anew.